la Casa degli SpiritiLa Casa degli Spiriti - la Casa degli Spiriti

To enjoy the gourmet variety and hospitality of the restaurant “La Casa degli Spiriti”, the full dip in our new concept of ‘Dine Around’.

The precious wine cellar carved into the walls of the eighteenth century building and the original dwelling includes a selection of over 1500 label

The restaurant thanks to the enchanting location where it is located, it is the ideal place to dream for the organization of prestigious events

La Casa degli Spiriti…
…an excellence in hospitality…

The “Casa degli Spiriti” is a cozy home at the end of 700, with an elegant and refined sitting.

Carefully restored in June 1996 after decades of decline, now it represents an enchanting place to enjoy the discreet charm of an incomparable nature and the unique pleasure of an exquisite hospitality, enchanted by a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.

The legend tells of an old abandoned house that over time has been for many a mysterious place, full of charm and legends, but like in a fairy tale with a happy ending, Federico Chignola and his wife Sara fall madly in love rediscovering the hidden beauty and unearth the real charm and splendor.